Friday, August 31, 2012

Firefox 15 PDF Viewing or Why Adobe and Mozilla Update so much...

Mozilla just released Firefox 15. Your machines may update themselves to this the next time you start your computer or browser.  The initial v15 release has turned off viewing PDF's inside the browser. A well respected blogger over at Groovy Post wrote up an illustrated guide to help fix this.

Groovy Post recently explained how to enable this feature.

Many machines will request updates for Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader, but if you haven't seen these requests on your machine for a while, run these updates now.

Update Adobe
When you do so you will have to close Firefox and Internet explorer as well as all instances of the PDF software.
The best update option is to open the reader and pull down Help from the top, and choose Update. In this case, it will ask you to close Firefox as well as the Main Adobe Reader window.  Adobe it will automatically reach out and look for the proper update.

Update Foxit Reader
In Firefox, go to this website and at the bottom of the page in yellow, download the latest version of their software. NOTE: BE SURE to UNCHECK the Chrome Browser / Ask Toolbar update.

The reasoning for this flurry of Firefox updates - as well as the constant Adobe Flash and Reader update requests - is  the entire hacking cyber-crime world has figured out ways to take advantage of machines that are not updated. These criminals attempt to get into your machine before you update them. This doesn't happen in a matter of months or weeks, but minutes.  As soon as the hacking community discovers a way to break an older version of these software, they distribute these infections through any way possible. SPAM emails, Facebook photos viewing, Google search results, email attachments from people that we know. 

These hackers are now motivated by gigantic profits.
Read the first paragraph of any of these articles to realize how bad this is:
Forbes Russia's Million Dollar Hacker
Blog Infosecisland Russian Cybercrime: Not Just A Localized Threat
SC Magazine's Russian Cyber Crime Market More Organized, Lucrative
Ars Technica Russian National Charged with $1.4Million Hacking Scam

It may be impossible to get a full grasp of everything that is happening in the computer security industry, but a quick glimpse explains that it is very powerful and requires careful consideration of all information maintained on your computer - from daily active security to total secure cloud system backups.  

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